Great care at Bartlett

Posted: Sunday, January 09, 2011

During my three-week visit to Juneau I have had the opportunity to read your newspaper and briefly scanned an article concerning patient satisfaction with Bartlett Hospital, not realizing that I would soon have first-hand experience with the establishment and staff.

Early in the morning of 30 December 2010, I awoke with a heavy dull pain in the middle of my chest and a sharp pain in my right collarbone / neck area and a feeling of fullness in my throat. I was also getting a dull pain going down my left arm. Not wanting to believe it was a heart attack, but finding it hard to ignore the signs, I awoke my wife who contacted our niece, a Juneau resident whom we were visiting. She and her visiting father drove us to the Emergency Ward of the Bartlett Regional Hospital.

Upon being apprised of the situation staff immediately admitted me and began treatment and examination, promptly and efficiently. My attending physician was one Dr. Carlton Heine. There were several staff who assisted in my excellent care; the principal member’s name was “Teresa,” according to her name tag.

During the next few hours I was given an EKG, X-rays, extensive blood tests, and medications to stabilize my blood pressure and condition. Fortunately, it was determined that I did not have a cardiac condition. I was released from hospital and given excellent follow-up advice and treatment with the proviso that I return immediately if I experienced any recurrence of symptoms. At all times during my care I felt confident and comfortable with staff, procedures, treatment and advice.

It has since been determined that I may have extensively torn muscles across my chest and upper body by shoveling snow and over exerting myself. We don’t have a lot of snow in my area of Australia, where I am returning 8 January, 2011.

In regard to the Bartlett Regional Hospital and staff, I would like to say a hearty “thank you.” And to the people of Juneau, “You are in good hands!”

James G. Franzoni

Allansford, Victoria, Australia

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