Anchorage committee ejects ex-member from meeting

Posted: Sunday, January 09, 2011

ANCHORAGE — A former committee member was ejected after he showed up at a meeting of an Anchorage fish and game advisory group.

Wade Willis was suspended from the group last month, but he sat with committee members Tuesday night. Committee chairman Steve Flory then called Anchorage police, but they did not make an arrest.

Willis didn’t try to reclaim his seat, the Anchorage Daily News reported. Willis says Flory doesn’t have the authority to remove him and that charges against him are trumped up.

“I was very polite — never raised my voice,” recalled Willis, the Alaska director of the Science Now Project. “But I said, ‘You can’t remove me. I can sit here as an AC (advisory committee) member. What are you going to do about it?’ “

The committee is one of 81 statewide that advise the state Fish and Game Department. The Anchorage group has 14 members, including alternates.

Flory says Willis and another member, Mike McCrary, disrupted every meeting and didn’t follow rules.

“We don’t mind having their input but we have to be able to get the work done,” Flory told the newspaper. “And we weren’t able to get anything done.”

Fellow members unanimously last month to suspend them. Flory sent a Dec. 10 letter to the chairmen of the joint fish and game board saying that the committee has tried to discipline the men without success. The board can confirm the action or direct the Anchorage advisory committee to reappoint Willis and McCrary.

Kristy Tibbles, executive director of the state Board of Game, said two board members are looking into the issue. No hearing has been set.

Willis received a letter Dec. 21 affirming his suspension and informing him he could not participate in meetings as a board member.

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