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Posted: Monday, January 10, 2000

Wrestling has a very negative influence on children in the world today. A lot of children only see the glamour in the fighting and the sexuality that is portrayed there. For those of you who allow your children to watch this, you better watch out. It's teaching them how to become violent and abusive adults.

This is to the lady complaining of barking dogs on Forest Grove and Forest Lane. You have been complaining of this now for over two years. People who purchase homes usually have dogs. If you are so against others around you having loving and caring pets, then you either need to either go back to where you came from or get a condo.

In Sunday's editorial you mention an advisory vote that rejected an income tax. I'm curious about that. The only advisory vote I remember rejected a raid on the permanent fund.

I'm very upset because Eaglecrest is owned by the city, the schools are city schools, but we have to pay when our kids take classes through the schools to ski at Eaglecrest. I think there should be no charge if it's through the school.

I disagree with your Sunday editorial. I do not believe voters voted against an income tax in the advisory vote on Sept. 14. I think voters voted against use of permanent fund earnings at this time to finance state government.

So an Anchorage legislator wants us state workers to divvy up these great miles we get from Alaska Airlines. Fine, then I will only travel between the hours of 8 and 4:30 when I get paid, just like federal workers. In fact, I won't travel on state business anymore because my job description makes no mention of it. Getting up at 5 a.m. to catch the early flight to Anchorage and then getting home around 10 p.m the same night isn't really appealing, anyway.

How does GCI explain its decision to pre-empt the Duke-Maryland basketball game Sunday morning with an infomercial of all things, especially given the high local interest in those games. The decision must have been particularly popular in the Boozer household with Dad an alumnus of Maryland and Carlos, of course, playing for Duke.

I'd just like to comment on how friendly and helpful the people up at Eaglecrest are. We were up there Saturday, and every time we go up there I'm very impressed with all the staff. They're friendly and helpful, good natured. It just makes it a lot of fun to go there.

I think the attendees of the Millennium Ball at Centennial Hall on New Year's Eve have forgotten the big picture. It was a fund-raiser for the University of Alaska Southeast scholarship fund. Kudos to the Prospector Hotel who did the food and drink. For those who didn't go, you missed a spectacular night.

The people who walk their dogs, especially up Basin Road don't seem to know they have to have their dogs on a leash. Maybe if the police department would start enforcing the leash laws more than anything else, they could make some money to help pay for the new police station.

They should simplify this discussion about Glacier Bay. The National Park Services loves tourists and big cruise ships and they don't like Indians and commercial fishermen.

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