Letter: Concerns about SEARHC

Posted: Wednesday, January 10, 2001

I would like to express my concerns on health issues and facilities with SEARHC. SEARHC has cut back on pharmaceuticals. Our elders cannot afford it because some are $10 over the limit and they should have one day a week for elders.

SEARHC is building more buildings for office space administration. What about patient care and upward mobility for employees? Natives need training so they can start running our facilities.

Most of the care goes into out-patient care. There might be 30-40 beds in the Mt. Edgecumbe facility, but maybe at the most 10 or less patients in those beds, leaving 300 employees doing what? Administration is getting paid big money.

I believe there is more chiefs and not enough Indians. I also know our people (Natives) need upward mobility training. It's time for them to start running our health facility. It's been 20 years. We should have qualified Natives now.

Southeast Native people need to get together on these issues. It's time for a change, not to mention that our board of directors is not going to do anything because top management does it all without the board knowing it.

Kim Perkins


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