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Posted: Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rich Poor's My Turn in the Empire on Sunday continues another in a series of My Turns that persistently push "the cul-de-sac road" up a primal Lynn Canal. The overriding theme here is Taylor-made - one of dissing our famous and lovable Blue Canoe fleet in a Kensington-esque political shell and numbers game and all the while entirely missing the salient point. That point being - a simple and democratic majority of folks here and north of here have already said, "No way." We really do like our unique little world as is - so why keep working to change it into something else?

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Well, apparently because, it ain't unique to them. Perhaps some more intense environmental education might change a few fixed opinions. Just maybe, would you think?

It is a rather formalized administrative corps of ex-pioneer road, bridge and highway, engineers that are leading this good-old-boy surge while dangerously trying to dodge a withering barrage of nature-made avalanche chutes. And to be sure, it is every engineer's dream, retired, active or otherwise, to conquer ever more of our uniquely virgin Alaskan ground. But think, to actually sink our lifeline, waterborne fleet under the kind of paranoid guise of saving Gotham City from the villain Palin? My gosh boys, that is stuff comic books are made of. Ahoy me laddies, aye, it makes me shiver in me timbers to think of those bitter-end lines of landlubber RVs - and with naught a ferry to sail away on! But then me Boys, cheers, since with any kind of Scottish-luck we'll see you in the Metropolis funny papers.

Alan R. Munro


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