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Posted: Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas thief should return to sign autograph

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This is an open letter to the thief who stole our christmas decorations on Dec. 29.

Please come back (under the cover of darkness of course, just as you did when you first came to steal). You forgot something. We'd like you to come back and autograph your picture! If you would have looked up to your left as you were stealing, you could have smiled for the camera and waved to us!

Steve and Jean Sztuk


Thanks for extra efforts of volunteer firefighters

Capital City Fire Rescue would like to recognize and thank Volunteer Firefighters Lola Foss and Harold White for their extra efforts in making Juneau a safer community.

On Saturday, they went door to door in the Spruce Wood Trailer Court providing homeowners with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. They took the extra time to install smoke detectors with a 10-year battery and show the homeowners how to use the fire extinguishers.

There efforts are a great example of people giving something back to their community.

Smoke detectors are required by law to be placed in every bedroom and in the hall out side the bedrooms. We still respond to many "close calls" where people have had a fire in there home and did not have a smoke detector.

Extinguishers and detectors were provide by a grant from the Department of Home Land Security. Capital City Fire Rescue will continue programs such as this as funds are available.

If you have questions on any fire safety issue please contact your local fire department at 586-5322,

Richard Etheridge

Fire Marshal, Capital City Fire/Rescue


Big Brothers Big Sisters needs male volunteers

Men, would you like to see a big return on your investment? Sometimes a small investment can lead to a big dividend. This is not always true in many areas of life, but it definitely can be true for a young boy when a man offers his time and friendship. Such an investment can make a big difference for a boy, for society and for you. One of the best ways to make a positive difference in a boy's life is by volunteering for as little as one hour a week through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Alaska.

Research consistently indicates that one-to-one mentoring between an adult and a young person is an extremely powerful influence in that person's positive development. Research on a national and local level is consistent. The findings show that youngsters matched with volunteers through a BBBS program were more likely to do better in school, get along better with other students and have greater self confidence. They were also less likely to start using drugs, get into fights, start drinking at a young age and miss a day of school.

On a personal level, as a teacher, counselor father and one-hour-a-week volunteer for BBBS, I have repeatedly seen the healthy difference a man can make in a boy's life. Most of us can remember one or more adult males in our life (a father, coach, uncle or teacher) who made a difference. You too, can make a difference.

So there you have it, guys. For as little as one hour a week, you can make a difference in a boy's life, a difference for society and a difference for yourself. Now how's that for a big return on a small investment.

Currently, BBBS of Southeast has a long list of boys waiting to be matched with a Big Brother. More men are needed. The BBBS phone numbers are 586-3350 and (800) 773-2447.

Nils Dihle


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