Barack Obama is a symbol of unity

Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2008

Unfortunately for Vicki Allison (Jan. 8), the burdensome and ridiculous system of racism in America doesn't allow for mixed-race people to be looked upon as anything other than black, if they appear to have any distinguishable African racial features.

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I am a mix of Cherokee, Houma, African and French. My grandmother was considered an Indian when she was born in Louisiana but died as a black woman in Los Angeles. Barack Obama is a biracial man, which I consider to be truly American.

Most of us are a mix of at least two different cultures, if we realize it or not. I am hoping that Obama's success in this campaign is a clear signal that America is ready to bury the racism of the past.

Obama is a symbol to me of the way America should be. In him, black and Caucasian blood flows equally and united. Maybe after his presidency, we can finally drop the mention of race and live up to Dr. Martin Luther King's wish to not judge a man by the color of his skin, but on the value of his character.

Gerry Bigelow


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