Thanks for giving to the Juneau Pioneers' Home this year

Posted: Sunday, January 10, 2010

On behalf of the staff and residents of the Juneau Pioneers' Home, we'd like to extend our deep appreciation to the many wonderful organizations and individuals in the Juneau community who have given so generously of themselves during this holiday season and throughout the year.

On Nov. 25, the Glacier Valley Rotary Club sponsored the 20th annual Pie Auction to benefit the residents of the Juneau Pioneers' Home. The proceeds from this wonderful event will be used throughout the year to enhance the lives of our elders here at JPH. Special thanks to Colleen Sullivan, whose energy, enthusiasm and creativity, has fueled the success of this event for many years, and to all who assisted by collecting donations, acting as auctioneers, and creating fabulous desserts.

Our sincere thanks to the following individuals and businesses, whose contributions made this year's auction the huge success that it was:

Jeff and Karen Wright of Juneau Limo, Sarah and Haley Mertz, Trinity Letterman, Heritage Coffee Company, Alaskan Brewing Co., Pavitt Health and Fitness, Katherine Kelly, Mary Dornbirer, Grandma's Feather Bed, Scott Manchee, Jim O'Donnell, Jamie Letterman, Red Dog Saloon, Adam Furlong, Tracey Forst, Gourmet Alaska, Temsco, Super Bear, Gross Alaska Theaters, Hearthside Books, Carmen Harris, Karen Tarver, Sharon Burns, Rejuvenation Spa, Kenny Solomon, Chava Lee, Gastineau Humane Society, Dan Holt, Marie Toland, Glacier Restaurant, Holly's Hallmark, State Farm Insurance, Southeast Mine Supply, Sheri and Ray Vidic, Leslie Dahl, Randolph and Ann Strickland, Lisa Greenough, Wendy Sellick, Jeff Kemp, Dave Gelotte Photography, Alaska Seaplanes, Mark and Ashley Troupin, Hangar on the Wharf, Jamie Kissner, Shawn Paul, Peggy Metcalfe, Ginny Conrad, Maria DeGuzman, Bullwinkle's Pizza, Mount Roberts Tramway, Vintage Fare, Val Mertz, The Travelodge, Governor's Mansion, Eric Forst, Charity MacKinnon, Rachael Jurazc, Judy Klein, Jeff Grant, Sharon Lowe, Margi Maki, Carolyn Reddekopp, Nathan Rivas, Ruth Schlueter, Glacier Gardens, George and Lyn Campbell, Little Diggers and Landscaping, Charlie Williams, Charlie Jones, RX Express, Tish Griffin, Dave Cote and the Pioneers' Home Central Office staff, all of the bidders and the wonderful folks whose names were unavailable to us. Thank you so much for your generous support.

For many years, the Juneau Gastineau Rotary Club has provided a magnificent Christmas tree to decorate our home during the holidays. The members always make sure that every resident has something special under the tree, and they help us kick off the holiday season with a wonderful caroling party and a visit from St. Nick. Their graciousness and generosity is so touching and deeply appreciated by all of us here at JPH. Special thanks to Jill Geering and all of the Gastineau Rotarians for your kindness to us.

Our deep appreciation goes also, to The Juneau Moose Lodge, which has, for many years, provided refreshments for our annual holiday party. With enthusiasm, graciousness and humor, they provide a spread that is both plentiful and delicious for our residents, staff and guests. Thank you so much for your continued support over the years.

The Women of the ESA offer their support to us in so many ways throughout the year, including assisting at the Pie Auction, our annual Senior Prom, and at various times throughout the year.

Dale Wygant and the "Oompah Band" have, for many years, provided music for our annual holiday party, and at various other times throughout the year. Their gift of music and presence adds greatly to the merriment of the evening and the season. In addition to the annual events, Dale is a devoted volunteer who shares his musical gifts with us regularly throughout the year.

The Thunder Mountain Big Band, whose music provides not only a very enjoyable evening, but a link to happy memories from the "Big Band" days has been very generous with their time and talent. To all of you, we offer our deep appreciation.

There are so many other individuals and groups who regularly share their time and talents with our residents throughout the year. Jim and Martha Stey, Jacque Farnsworth, Rita Fischer, Penny Stephens, Ingrid Zaruba, Kurt and Zrinka Dzinich, Miss Scarlett's, Beth Belflower, Jeff and Marcy Larsen and Jasmine, Phyllis Kirkham and Phoebe, Mike Kirk, Ward Lamb, Pioneers of Alaska, BJ Imboden, Sandy and Jerry Fiscus, Sharon Lowe, Dave and Priscilla Ibesate, Pat Stringer, Harriet Bothello, Brian and Helen Idzik, Carolyn Gould, Sr. Marie, Sandy King, Chris and Alan Shuler, Loren and Carolyn Rasmussen, Dan and Lorinda Kassner, Janice Holst Dancers, Heartstrings, Daughters of the New Moon, Bernie Kirkpatrick, St. Paul's Youth Group, Cathedral Youth Group, Northern Lights Youth Group, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts, Zahasky Family Band, Morgan Fawcett, Chapel By the Lake, St. Paul's Catholic Church, First Baptist Church, Auke Bay Bible Church, Denali Lutheran Church, Douglas Island Methodist Church, and all of the wonderful folks who assist with our church services each week, and the many other kind folks, whose names are unavailable to us, who offer their support in various ways throughout the year. Thank you one and all for all that you do to enhance the lives of our elders. It's YOU who make Juneau the wonderful community that it is.

Kathy Fanning, activity director, Jill Sandleben, administrator, and all the staff and residents of the Juneau Pioneers' Home


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