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Posted: Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Having cable TV is an asset, but if you can't pay for necessities then you live without. Eaglecrest may be an asset, but also a luxury. If you can't pay your bills, luxuries go first.

I'm a parent who has a child in the city soccer club. I just wanted to say kudos to the high school students who were there to help with the skills clinic yesterday. Same thing for the pre-basketball season for the city's event. It was wonderful to see a good light on Juneau's young people.

A big thank you to the person who found our old yellow lab in Tee Harbor and was kind enough to take her to the animal shelter. She is safe at home now.

I read with some amusement about the snow causing a slew of accidents and where the roads weren't driveable in town. All I can say is welcome to the club, town folks, because that's the kind of stuff we get out at Cohen Drive all the time. We see very good service right up to Auke Bay ferry terminal, then we are no longer part of the city from that point on. We are rural Alaska.

This is in response to the dogs barking on Forest Lane. I have a dog and I live on Forest Lane and I don't let him bark. I don't think people who own pets should let their animals bark. I think we need to be responsible for our own pets.

I'm glad Desa Jacobsson wants all citizens of Juneau to receive subsistence priority rights.

Thank you to the business at Lemon Creek which provides us with the Wizard of Oz. On a dark day seeing that new green edition just makes my heart go down the yellow brick road.

I'd like to thank the U.S. Post Office for calling me up to find out I had a Christmas card that came from a foreign country with the wrong address. Although the foreign country was New York, I was very grateful they went to that trouble.

It's nice that the few times I've parked downtown in no parking areas I simply get a ticket immediately. However, recently there were more than 12 vehicles parked on University Drive with 11 posted signs that said no parking at any time, and not one of them got a ticket. There is some injustice going on around this town.

There's been a few people calling in saying they don't think the cruise ship industry should decide how the head tax money is spent. There's still people out there who aren't aware the head tax money has to be spent on tourist-related expenditures. I think they should do their homework before they call in.

To the two gentlemen who called regarding my crab pot that had washed ashore, thank you very much for restoring my faith in humanity and the people in Juneau. Once again people never cease to amaze all of us in Juneau with their honesty and caring.

I'd like to encourage all the drivers with broken ashtrays in their vehicles to get them repaired so they don't have to throw their cigarettes out onto the highway.

With the school district's budget shortfall as severe as it is, I don't know how they can continue to afford a principal at the alternative high school. It ought to be under the administration of the main building or the central office.

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