Forget the docks, build the road

Posted: Friday, January 11, 2008

First, the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council bullies Coeur into spending more money, burning more diesel fuel and choosing an environmentally inferior tailings plan. Now they are addressing Cascade Point and Goldbelt, Juneau's urban Native corporation.

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SEACC members had not mentioned Cascade Point publicly recently, insisting their only objection to the Kensington Mine was the legal precedent set by using Lower Slate Lake for tailings disposal.

But when a bully gets on a roll, it's tough to stop making more demands. It's not very ethical, but it sure seems to be working for them.

Rather than eliminate the Cascade Point dock facility and replace it with Yankee Cove, isn't it just time to build the road? That way there will not be any pesky docks in the water to offend SEACC.

A road would be much safer and would allow access to Berners Bay to everyone, even the poor and the handicapped.

If the road were built, then Goldbelt could put up a gas station and convenience store on its Cascade Point property to supplement the income the corporation expected to earn by shuttling mine workers.

This is win-win for everyone.

Rosemary Hagevig


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