Opposition to Planned Parenthood

Posted: Friday, January 11, 2008

On Dec. 14, Suzanne Forsling wrote a letter to the editor about the joy of life. How good it is to be alive. How good it is to enjoy our family, friends, neighbors, sons and daughters. How you breathe without realizing you are breathing. This is life.

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When the breath stops, it is an end to life - whether it's a friend, parent, acquaintance or an unborn baby - and this is very sad.

On that same day, Dec. 14, Morgan Erisman wrote about the benefits of having an organization like Planned Parenthood around to counsel and assist the young in their process of living - but I think the organization encourages the sexually active lifestyle.

There is a sad correlation between these two topics. Life is very precious, beautiful and a gift meant to be enjoyed. I believe that Planned Parenthood, however, does not value life.

I think that under the guise of caring, Planned Parenthood endangers the life of the young by what I would call the encouraging of promiscuity, while treating and screening for sexually transmitted diseases. If necessary, they even offer abortifacients, and that means an end to a life.

Don't be misled. There are various agencies that can assist or advise a person in their personal problems or injuries. You don't need Planned Parenthood. They do not have your best interests at heart; they are a money-making business.

Planned Parenthood stakes its existence and its reputation on, supposedly, educating and treating situations which they encourage in the first place. Then their "final solution" is not the breath of life but a grim death of the most defenseless human beings - via abortion.

Helen Monagle


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