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Posted: Friday, January 11, 2008

Picking up brachiopod shells plentiful on Sandy Beach, I was reminded of the fossil dig in Iowa.

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The dig was in the ancient dried-up water beds of the huge inland shallow sea that literally divided what is now our American continent down the middle. This said, finding the same kind of shells here on our Juneau coast and between corn rows in the Midwest was quite a surprise. This kind of interconnectedness is very like our energy field.

Each of us has a unique energy field that is as individualized as our thumbprint yet as universal as having five fingers on each hand. This system, or "field," is highly sensitive innately without training yet using this field we can fine tune with exquisite healing effects.

A branch of holistic medicine called energy medicine encompasses all the modalities that work with the energy field, such as energy balancing, acupressure, healing touch, acupuncture, homeopathy and even chiropractic in the strict original definitions of the modality.

Did you know?

Energy field class

• What: "Opening to Change" class on the liver stream.

• When: 12:30-5 p.m. Saturday.

• Where: Alaska Holistic Family Medicine, 119 Seward St.

• Cost: $60.

• Who: Contact Dr. Maureen Longworth at 523-9355 or 723-9351.

Energy healing is precise. You can significantly affect specific organs, diseases and conditions.

Balancing the field allows flow everywhere in the field. The energy goes where it is needed, so any healing can effect exactly what is needed, bridging divides and blockages. Therefore, it creates a domino effect of healing, that even reaches beyond us to the energy around us.

We are always using our energy field to sense our environment. It is what allows us to enter a room with two strangers and sense if they have just had an argument or a loving embrace. We feel it. In addition our Energy Field creates an atmosphere around us that is changing moment to moment. So someone who just did a vigorous bike ride might light up with obvious vitality similar to someone who just exploded in anger.

We can manipulate our own energy field with focused awareness. Energy medicine self-balancing can be taught to students and patients, so they can work on their own self-healing. These streams of energy that run through us, much like the ancient stream beds, can either separate and divide us with blockages or blend us into balance. Working with your own energy field is a way you can affect your energy field and even accomplish changes this New Year.

This is a natural time to take stock of ourselves, to evaluate where we are at and set goals for where we are going, allowing us to become more present, to become more who we really are. Our mistakes are how we learn, how we know where to put our feet next.

It's easy to wait for change, always waiting for the miracle that will rescue you to a perfect life, like Prince Charming, the right job, having the baby, waiting until the grown baby is out of the house, waiting to retire from the job, always waiting. Waiting for the miracle is a miserable existence, adding up to whole life times of waiting, and leading to depression and feeling victimized by the world around us.

The most transforming change is becoming more who you are, and living fully alive. Working with the Energy Field can help you find your way, bringing you back home to your own streams that run through you, connecting all the dots of your fingerprint-your specific energy field.

Best wishes finding your way in 2008. Please join my classes or attend any of my free monthly groups to learn how you can work with your energy field.

My next class, "Opening to Change" on from 12:30 to 5 p.m. Saturday will guide you through the Liver Stream, one of the main riverbeds running through the body/energy field, dividing or blending the upper and lower body, the body and the mind, heaven and earth.

This healing touches the spleen for the immune system, liver and pelvis. It restores the natural energy of sunlight to the energy field. This has a profound effect, integrating the whole energy field. It is particularly helpful for the pelvis, sexuality, chest and abdomen, mood control and moving through addictive behaviors to become more true to your self.

I will repeat this class several times a year as it is a good cleansing to our entire system and helps to integrate body, mind, and spirit regularly. Call 523-9355 or check for more information or to schedule anindividual session.

• Dr. Maureen Longworth is a family physician also certified in holistic medicine with a private practice in downtown Juneau.

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