Juneau-Douglas senior DeRocher discusses halibut, hardwood

Posted: Monday, January 11, 2010

If you attend a Juneau-Douglas boys' basketball game, chances are you will notice Alex DeRocher, whose play earned him MVP honors at the Golden Heart basketball tournament in Fairbanks over the weekend.

DeRocher, born in Kodiak, has lived in Juneau at different times during his life, but moved around because of his father's job with the U.S. Coast Guard. He, along with three younger sisters, has been back in Juneau since the summer prior to his freshman year at JDHS where he started his high school career in sports.

"My dad is a real sports fanatic. He showed me all the sports, but his favorites are basketball and baseball and now they're my two favorites, also," he said. "I just enjoy playing and I have a little talent in both of those sports through my dad and what he's taught me."

After high school, he looks to go to college to play either basketball or baseball, and hopes to major in either sports medicine or law.

"I have an American government class where we did court simulations and I got to be a lawyer. It seemed like a really neat thing," DeRocher said. "With sports medicine, I figured since I'm probably not going to be one of those guys that makes pro (in sports)- I mean if I made pro that'd be great - but I'd rather help the next baseball star or the next NBA star."

Favorite Hobbies: "My dad is really into fishing and so I go out with him a lot. I even had a summer job at Jerry's meats where they do fish processing. I like to go fishing with my dad. I recently picked up hunting a little bit. I got my first deer down in Wyoming, so that was kind ofexciting."

Favorite fish to catch: "I'd say halibut because they're the best to play because they're so far down, you have to reel up so much."

College or pro basketball: "I like college basketball. My favorite team is the Duke Blue Devils. It was my dad's team, so it's kind of a father-son thing. I think the game is more up-tempo and I think the players are actually playing to play, they're not playing because they're getting paid."

Other favorite sport: "My favorite sport would probably be baseball. I like to watch games, I'm a huge Red Sox fan. We used to live in Cape Cod, Mass., so we went to games every once in a while."

Favorite sports moment at JDHS: "I'd have to say it was the moment when Sean Bavard last year hit the game-winning, buzzer-beating 3-pointer. It was an amazing feeling to be a part of.

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