Trouble with 'enviros'


Posted: Friday, January 12, 2001

It was interesting to read the article in the Empire on the "Haines Company Tour Spurs Controversy." I think the last paragraph in that article really sums up the "holier than thou" environmentalists. Have you ever noticed the road signs that say a certain group will pick up garbage alongside the road? Where are the environmental groups on those signs? You never see them volunteering for cleaning up garbage, yet they insist that we are all just terrible polluting people.

All they like to do is take people to court and cram favorable rulings for the environmentalists down somebody's throat. They insisted they were not against all logging - just logging by the big corporations. They said they wanted the small logger to stay in business but now that they are the only ones left in Southeast, the enviros still continue to sue to stop timber sales. So not only are they holier than thou, but they also lie.

They have relied on judges appointed by Clinton to cram things down our throats, yet in the meantime they talk about how important public process is. When the Forest Service has a timber sale it usually takes three or four years to happen. Yet, Clinton's roadless policy took only one year. Is that the same process the enviros liked? I would say that's more of cramming it down our throats again and then saying it's "process."

When Mr. Henderson says that he doesn't even get a thank you out of the enviros, that says a lot about them. To me, the environmentalist movement is really just a new home for displaced communists.

Mike Svenson


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