Error in judgment

Posted: Sunday, January 12, 2003

We were surprised and saddened to read the unnecessary detail you chose to provide in Tuesday's article about coach Hamey. Mr. Hamey's temporary error in judgment, made under very trying medical and emotional circumstances, is far less worthy of your detailed attention than his long and dedicated career.

Where was the article we all should have read instead - when Mr. Hamey left his coaching position in November - about his devotion to countless Juneau youth as teacher, coach and mentor? His extraordinary enthusiasm, distinctive sense of humor, and ability to relate to - and inspire - many of his students should have been your focus - and will be the qualities we continue to appreciate and remember about coach Hamey. We will also remember that newspapers also sometimes err in their judgment, as you did in this case.

Nico, Susan, Leon, and Alida Bus


The end of Mr. Hamey's coaching role came as a surprise to many, including those of us at the Empire. Given his distinguished service, we approached him about a retirement tribute article. Neither he nor school administrators would cooperate. At the time, we did not understand why. Mr. Hamey understood how inappropriate such an article would have been when he was facing criminal charges not yet made public. Mr. Hamey's impulsive indiscretion was not reported in unnecessary detail. While details of his crime may have saddened us personally, our only mistake in judgment would have been to withhold the information - in which case we could be accused of covering up a crime in order to protect a prominent person. - Steve Reed, Managing Editor

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