Taking responsibility

Posted: Sunday, January 12, 2003

This letter to the Juneau community crosses 50 years of basketball, 40 years of coaching and 30 wonderful and cherished years of friendship. More than any of you, I understand the strains and pressures that arise as basketball coaches and long time teachers ply their trades. My dearest friend has stumbled and it is for us to support him as he has done for so many others over the years.

From far away, I ask you to remember the dedication, the forthright honesty, and the love of young people that has fueled and fired a wonderful career. Keep balance in your judgments, keep understanding in your hearts and do not lose sight of the fact that both JDHS and the community of Juneau have benefited long and well from Jim Hamey's care. To stumble momentarily, to make an ill-advised decision happens to us all. To take responsibility and move forward is a rarer skill. We can see and feel in his own words the ability to take this responsibility, ask for understanding and repair damages. In a business known for its selfishness and ego-driven accomplishments, I have always thought that we needed more coaches and men of Jim Hamey's caliber. That is why I consider him as my friend. It is why I am able to write and remind the people of Juneau of his legacy.

Steve Eberly

Mayville, N.D.

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