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Posted: Sunday, January 12, 2003

No. Obey the City Charter!

Mr. MacKinnon is certainly well-qualified and capable of handling the position. However, to attempt to circumvent safeguards contained in the City Charter regarding eligibility for the position does a disservice to other well-qualified applicants and smells mightily of back-room politics.

The hiring of John MacKinnon is not a life or death matter. There is no reason not to follow the rules in this case.

I am totally irked that the Assembly tried to manipulate the system to consider MacKinnon.

John MacKinnon is the best candidate for the job. If other candidates are intimidated by the good job he is doing then that is their problem. The city manager job is not one that I would want to see given to anyone who is easily intimidated or discouraged. If the other candidates are so easily discouraged by the appearance of someone doing a good job, imagine what today's miserable weather would do to them!

When the Assembly has someone in the position who has proven himself exceedingly capable, has a history of devotion to Juneau, and is ready to put in the long hours the job needs, why would the Assembly spend money on an outside search...? Question: After all this, would Mr. MacKinnon still accept the job?

Yes. Though I do not know him personally, I know this much: He is a small business owner, which says and means a lot. ... He has raised his family here in Juneau, has the knowledge, skills, and abilities I believe the Assembly would be looking for in other suited candidates, has a firm commitment to Juneau ... and as far as I know he's willing to accept the position!

While I appreciate John's efforts, and the time and experience he has given to Juneau, it is time to hire a new city manager. The effort by the Empire editorial and this poll reeks of the good Old Boy Network.

Is this poll an attempt to sway the Assembly and turn the position of city manager into a public popularity contest?

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