Groomed Nordic trail etiquette

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, January 12, 2004

I set the groomed Nordic trails in the Mendenhall Campground and on Mendenhall Lake. I have been setting the tracks since 1993. I would like to take this opportunity to shed some light on groomed Nordic trails. The trails on the Mendenhall and other areas are set by the volunteer effort and they are set by the Juneau Nordic Ski Club. As a courtesy to the volunteer effort please consider the following guidelines so that everyone may enjoy the groomed trails.

Classics skiers, please ski in the set classic tracks.

Skate skiers, please ski in the center skate track.

Walkers, snowshoers and others, if you must walk on the groomed Nordic trails please walk to the opposite edge of the classic track. Considering the abundance of trails in Juneau, I question why you have to walk on groomed Nordic trails. Regardless, a bit of courtesy would be appreciated. Seniors and handicapped are always welcome. Dog mushers, if you can afford dog sleds, dogs and associated equipment, you can afford a snow machine to set your own tracks!

The Juneau Nordic Ski Club has memberships available for a modest fee. The fee pays for fuel, equipment and maintenance. If you ski at Eaglecrest, a fee is required to ski on the Nordic trails (please go to the ticket office unless you a have a silver or gold pin). Please do not abuse this privilege. If you are interested in joining the Juneau Nordic Ski Club, wish to make a contribution or want to know more about the Juneau Nordic Ski Club go to and join up. Thanks and see you on the trails. Oh, by the way, please clean up after your pooch - dog guano makes for horrible ski wax. A special thanks to the snowmobile and ATV operators who have stayed off the groomed trails this year; it makes our efforts a lot easier.

Tim Hall


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