Dillingham and friends tell variety of stories downtown

Tales from Yorkshire highlighted in evening of telling

Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2006

Brett Dillingham, Riley Woodford, Lily Hudson and Adrian Minne will host an evening of storytelling 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 13, at the downtown Juneau Public Library.

Admission is free, and the stories are intended for all ages.

Dillingham will tell "Fairy Harp," a Welsh tale about a man who inherits a magical harp from a group of fairies; and "Keel-Wee," a Korean story in the vein of Rip Van Winkle. He will also perform "Ferdinand the Bull," the famous children's story; and "Billy and Harry," a story about a young man who can't apologize and his best friend, Harry the hummingbird.


what: storytelling with brett dillingham, riley woodford, lily hudson and adrian minne.

when: 7 p.m. friday, feb. 13.

where: downtown juneau public library.

admission: free.

Hudson will have two stories, "The Girl Who Cried Berries" and "Bianca." Minne will accompany Dillingham on bass for three of his stories.

Woodford will make his public storytelling debut with the tale of "Brother Gucundus," a story Dillingham dug up this September while visiting Yorkshire, England.

Dillingham was watching a group of entertainers called the Shaggy Dog Storytellers and learned that one of the men owned a bookstore in town. Dillingham visited the store, looking for stories he could tell. The man pulled out a book called "Stories of Yorkshire" and turned to "Brother Gucundus."

The tale follows a man who joins a brotherhood of monks at the age of 40. The man is supposed to tone down his drinking and his boisterous nature, but can't help himself.

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