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Posted: Friday, January 12, 2007

Thanks for donating to Breakfast Club

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The Glacier Valley Breakfast Club would like to thank the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers for their kind and generous donation.

Carol Peterson


Thanks for covering our Montessori event

Thank you very much for the media coverage of the 100th anniversary of Montessori education. We appreciate your work, and would like to add a few important clarifications. The Montessori Method is an educational philosophy in itself, but Dr. Maria Montessori's work also made outstanding contributions to the field of education, particularly early childhood education, that educators consider common knowledge today.

Along with the idea that all children have an innate capacity and desire to learn, she was responsible for the development of child-sized furniture and the concept that the whole child's needs (intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual) must be addressed. While children in Montessori environments often, but not always, learn to write, read and compute at younger ages than children not in such environments, Montessori education is not about "being better" than other approaches. While it is easy in this day and age to compare methods, we choose to celebrate children for who they are and for their great potential, regardless of the schooling method they receive.

Dr. Montessori's principle objective was to bring peace to the world by working with the child. We are sure that, were she alive today, Dr. Montessori would celebrate the myriad of diverse educational programs that foster respect, cultural sensitivity, and the acceptance of differences. She would be an advocate for the rights of the child and our potential to attain global understanding through peace education. We suspect she would also be lobbying to find alternative methods of accountability to standardized testing.

Thank you for clearly stating that Montessori Borealis is a free, public school program for grades one through eight. It is also essential to point out that Juneau's private toddler and preschool programs are active participants in the State's Childcare Assistance Program, and that SE Alaska Friends of Montessori provides significant funds for kindergarten scholarships to Juneau Montessori School, so that no child is turned away for lack of ability to pay tuition. Our long-term goal continues to be the incorporation of the preschool program, including kindergarten, into the public schools by means of a Charter; this would ensure Montessori's long-term stability and access for all of Juneau's children.

Jennifer Ryznar

Southeast Alaska Friend of Montessori Board President


Thanks for coming together on my behalf

My family and I would like to thank all the people and businesses that came together to help make the taco feed, dessert auction, raffle and silent auction that was held on my behalf such a success on Nov. 18.

I am overwhelmed and words can't describe how humbled and grateful my family and I feel about how people and businesses of Juneau and other communities came together to help us through this very difficult time. Everyone was extremely generous.

I am back in Juneau and recovering slowly but surely.

I would also like to thank the ambulance crew, Bartlett Hospital nurses and staff, surgeons, Doctor Amy, anesthesiologists, Father Tony, Father Scott and Northwest Airlift Personnel for saving my life. Thank you so much for all of your thoughts, prayers and generous support.

God bless you all.

Krista Messing


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