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Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2000

Winds hit 60 mph in Douglas

JUNEAU - Trash cans performed a noisy aerial ballet in Douglas on Wednesday night and residents wondered if their windows would implode - while downtown and most other parts of Juneau slept soundly.

Mayflower Island, near Douglas's Sandy Beach, was seeing peak winds of 50 to 56 miles per hour almost every other hour, and the Mount Roberts Tram recording station showed 60 mph. But measurements atop the Federal Building never came close to those peaks, said National Weather Service Meteorologist Amy Deveris.

At the same time, the Juneau Airport recorded winds of 5 miles per hour. ``The wind is a very localized event,'' Deveris said. ``That's how Taku winds typically are.''

The weather service is maintaining its high wind warning through this evening, but expects winds to taper off by Friday, Deveris said.

Temperatures have also varied quite a bit from area to area. Near the Mendenhall Glacier overnight, the weather service measured minus 2, while at the airport it was 6, and, downtown, 15 degrees.

The winds did not create any particular damage at local harbors, said Harbormaster Joe Graham. ``A couple of tarps were blown off,'' he said. ``It's a good idea anytime there is unusual weather to check your boat.''

There were no electrical outages either, said Peter Bibb, vice president of consumer affairs with AEL&P.

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