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Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2000

I would like to see a front page article with cost comparisons between road and ferry access to Juneau before Governor Knowles' announcement.

In 1999 the Glacier Bay National Park Service employed 123 people. Only one was a Native from Hoonah and very few are Alaska Natives. The rest are from out of state. I think that tells a story in itself.

Thank you to the drivers who are turning left at the two intersections on Mendenhall Mall Road and actually do yield to oncoming traffic.

I think Desa Jacobsson is to be commended for her unwavering personal sacrifice for a cause in which she so passionately believes. People of principle are rare and I'm sure the Native community is going to miss her.

How dare legislative leaders complain Gov. Tony Knowles goes behind closed doors and approves state contracts when the Legislature went behind the public's back and voted themselves a pay raise.

If anyone is annoyed by variation of volume between cable channels, they should call the cable company. They say they can fix this problem.

I'm so glad the Juneau Empire is continuing front page stories over on to page 8 again, instead of page 3 and 5. That was a pain in the neck and I appreciate this resumption of your standard practice.

The ousting of the National Guard Armory from their present location has prompted the city to consider a trade for land in Douglas. Why is the city giving up land for a state facility?

How about letting Mr. Eggers serve his time in the halfway house? He didn't kill anybody.

Regarding Desa Jacobsson's hunger strike, your article didn't mention who was going to monitor her to make sure she doesn't sneak food or call out for a pizza.

I walk daily on unplowed and icy sidewalks of Douglas Highway and across the bridge. It's been a very pleasant relief to reach the safety of bare pavement sidewalks maintained by Goldbelt and the Federal Building. I thank them. It also means that Egan red-light runners have missed me.

I have two things to say to those who slur Douglas residents opposed to the land swap, calling them NIMBYs. First, it is a fundamental right and, I believe, duty that residents everywhere protect and enhance the quality of their own neighborhoods. Second, how is it that relocation of the National Guard Armory got twisted into an insistence that Douglas accept a huge building spree?

Regarding the suggestion that we do away with daylight-saving time: Since we switched time zones, in the middle of summer now it gets light about 3 a.m. and gets dark about 10 p.m. If we switched and did away with daylight-saving time, it would get light about 2 a.m. and get dark about 9 p.m. The suggestion to do away with daylight-saving time is clearly absurd.

I enjoyed the article saying the board says social studies needs to be more rigorous. As a parent of children in the Juneau School District, I'm very excited to hear this and I look forward to seeing more social studies curriculum coming home with my child.

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