Lisa Murkowski well-qualified

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, January 13, 2003

Alaska's new Sen. Murkowski, who is a member of our Alaska Federation of Republican Women, comes to the U.S. Senate with years of involvement in the Alaska State House and Republican organizations.

Her experience in areas of importance to Alaska's people and our state's economy includes chairing the House Labor and Commerce Committee, and service on the Conference Committee on HB65-women's health issues re: breast and cervical cancer. She has also served on the Armed Services Committee and the special Committee on house Military and Veterans' Affairs.

She has served on the House Labor and Work Force Development subcommittee, and has already assured Alaskans of her continued support for ANWR exploration and development.

As a new senator, Lisa is fortunate to come to the U.S. Senate better prepared than some freshman members of Congress who have less legislative background.

Lisa's fresh approach to issues, her talent for providing reasonable solutions to confusing problems, and her ability to explore all sides of issues and stand for what she believes are attributes that will serve the best interests of Alaska and out nation.

A lifelong Alaska, with roots that go back several generations, she is familiar with the far corners of our state. There is no doubt that she will work well with Sen. Stevens and Rep. Young, ensuring that our team in D.C. will continue to be strong, vital and unified in purpose.

The Alaska Federation of Republican Women salutes our member, Lisa Murkowski, as she begins her new career as Alaska's newly appointed United States Senator.

Janet Halvarson

Alaska Federation of Republican Women


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