Don't be like Haines

Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2005

Regarding Barbara C. Lewis' letter to the editor on cruise ship taxation (Empire, Jan. 11):

I as a voter of Alaska have a right to challenge signatures on any petition, as does Northwest Cruise Ship Association. Barbara Lewis is from Haines, a town in which I once worked and wanted to make a life until the radicals there chased away the very industry that supported me there, the cruise ships. Go to Haines now and one will see "For Sale" signs and many closed businesses due to the loss of that industry.

This head tax will hurt Alaska and the many people who depend on tourism for a livelihood. Haines has no ships tying up at their very expensive dock these days. I say good for Northwest Cruise Ship Association, for they are looking out for the interests of the industry they are paid to support. As for Haines and the people who want no industry at all in their town: Keep up the good work. It seems to be working.

Cynthia R. Long


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