Stevens is the greatest

Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2005

I just read a letter written to the Empire (Jan. 11) from Tony Knowles' former spokesman, Bob King.

Mr. King was one of the commercial fishing industry's favorite Knowles staffers from 1994-2002. He still is highly regarded by our industry.

However, Mr. King is misguided in his apparent criticism of Sen. Ted Stevens in his recent letter titled "Sen. Stevens bait and switch."

You can interchangeably call him Sen. Stevens or Chairman Stevens since he will most likely remain a chairman of Commerce and other important committees for the rest of his life. Chairman Stevens has most likely surpassed even the likes of such great Alaskans as Ernest Gruening, Bill Egan, Wally Hickel, Jay Hammond, Sen. Bartlett and Sen. Dimond in the hall of fame for truly great Alaskan political leaders. Never mind that there are others, but I believe that history will record our senator as the greatest public leader for Alaskans of any and all political parties.

Certainly the chairman is a Republican and I'm sure he is as proud to be a Republican as the aforementioned gentlemen were - and some still are - proud to be members of their respective parties. But let me assure Mr. King that this comes across as a cheap shot right now. Chairman Stevens has devoted nearly his entire adult life for Alaska and what he says is gospel in the book of what I and many of my neighbors and associates read on a daily basis while trying to support our families and communities in this great state.

The next time Mr. King decides to write a letter criticizing Chairman Stevens he should think twice before sending it. And if he does send another letter he should be sure to not call him Ted, but senator or chairman, out of the respect that the real "King" has earned for Alaskans. And last but not least, "Long live the King."

Bob Thorstenson, Jr.


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