'Auditeria' is no answer

Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2005

Auditeria? There's a reason why this word doesn't exist in the dictionary. The idea of combining an auditorium and a cafeteria is such a bad one that the need for the word has never existed. Juneau's students and citizens need a first-class auditorium, not a combined auditorium/cafeteria with retractable seating. If the retractable seating is anything like the seating in the Dzantik'i Heeni gym, it is very unreliable and will get little use.

I went back and looked at the information for the new high school that was provided by the district for the last vote. It said nothing about an "auditeria." We voted to have an auditorium.

I think the Juneau School District needs to find the money to build a quality 500-seat auditorium. The short-sighted compromise of an auditeria is not an answer. The citizens of Juneau should get the auditorium that we voted for. Our students need it now and for the future.

Chip Verrelli


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