Girl steps in when man snatches mom's purse

Posted: Wednesday, January 13, 2010

KENAI - A 26-year-old man accused of snatching a woman's purse, then fighting off her 11-year-old daughter who tried to stop him, has been arraigned in Kenai District Court.

Daniel McCurdy is charged with four felonies: robbery, theft, assault of a child and tampering with evidence.

Kenai police said Julie Dorsey was dining Friday at Louie's Restaurant and got up to use the restroom. Her daughters, ages 11 and 8, stayed at the table.

The older girl told police that a man walked toward their table, hovered a moment, then snatched the purse and ran.

The girl gave chase and grabbed the purse handle. A witness said the girl was dragged or slammed into a door as the man fled.

Witnesses saw the man run into nearby woods. McCurdy was arrested about 10 minutes later.

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