More to a good family than wealth

Posted: Friday, January 14, 2000

After the INS ruling to send the Cuban boy back to his father in Cuba I thought, ``Finally!'' However, it seems that the Congress of the U.S. and Al Gore would like a chance to turn this child into a political football and have their turn kicking it around. The Cuban community of Florida seems to think it is more important where a child lives than with whom. Of course, if there were a mother waiting in Cuba instead of a father, that little boy would have been held overnight, dried off and been on the next plane to Havana. But since it is only a father, a great uncle and aunt will be more than adequate replacement. I think that these politicians should reread a few of their speeches on family values before depriving this child of a father.

If the reason this child is made fatherless is for a better ``life,'' i.e. better economic opportunity here in the land of the free, then those children living in poverty-ridden areas of the U.S. better pray their mothers stay healthy or the courts may deem their fathers irrelevant. The importance of having a father in a boy's life cannot be overstated. If Al Gore, the U.S. Congress or the Cuban community in Miami think this little boy's life will be better if he stays here they are wrong. His standard of living will probably be better, but his psyche will have a hole in it no amount of puppies, bicycles, or political freedom will be able to fill.

Steve N. Hamilton

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