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Posted: Friday, January 14, 2000

Something is wrong with the editor's so-called standard of good taste when you print the words of neighbors labeling their neighbors bad and making veiled threats against their pets. I appreciate the column Word of Mouth, but please stop printing mean-spirited statements.

If Bobby Phills of the Charlotte Hornets had been driving a Ford Expedition or a Dodge Ram full-size pickup, he might be alive today. There are certain aspects of driving a big rig that certainly overshadow a Porsche.

I was calling about Eddie Bauer. I just wondered what became of all the locals that were being recruited for this photo shoot. Why did they have to go out and import models? I thought the whole point was to use the locals.

I was amused with Deborah Vogt's My Turn about the head tax. The only flaw in her writing is this isn't a tax, it's a fee. I would invite her to speak with our city attorney about the uses of fees and she will understand her article was in error.

I'd like to thank Deborah Vogt for her well-written and researched letter about Juneau's head tax. I just hope the public is intelligent enough to sit down and think about these issues before the cruise ships get yet another break by essentially giving the head tax back to them.

(Two other callers expressed similar opinions.)

Clarifying the call about wrestling having a negative effect on children. The World Wrestling Federation and the World Championship Wrestling programs are, in fact, having a negative impact on children when this is the only big activity they look forward to due to minimal parental participation and affection. This, in turn, makes children aggressive, abusive and very angry.

Regarding the repairs required at the swimming pool. I find it absurd that the city would be held accountable for the cost of these repairs. What happened to the contractor who initially did the work?

Sen. Robin Taylor's letter to the editor was absolutely correct about the impacts of ANILCA on urban citizens. Two additional things: Even if we vote for a constitutional amendment, federal oversight is still required under section 807 of ANILCA. Also under section 815, subsistence privileges cannot be assigned in the case of infirmity as allowed by state law.

I'm calling in response to the person who's wondering why there are young, capable adults living in low-income housing here in Juneau. Juneau is a very expensive place to live and rent is high. So there's your answer. That's why we live in low income housing, OK?

Recently a new couple to Juneau commented about the excellent work Trail Mix did on the East Glacier Trail. Granted Trail Mix should be complimented for their efforts on the many local trails. However, the East Glacier Trail work was accomplished by the U.S. Forest Service and the SAGA crews.

In response to the House bill preventing state employees from keeping air mileage. The miles are a no-cost benefit to state employees who must travel on personal time. It doesn't cost the state anything to let us keep the miles, compared to paying us for the extra four or five hours outside of a normal workday day we spend in the airport and in the air. I would be curious to know if the bill excludes House and Senate members.

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