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Posted: Sunday, January 14, 2001

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(As you've probably figured out, messages printed here don't necessarily reflect the opinion of the Empire.)

I want to express thanks to Sealaska, the governor and all the others who have left their holiday lights twinkling. Thank you for lending a cheeriness to these dark days.

I am a resident of Parkshore Condos. People need to realize that there is a stop sign at the entrance and not come barreling in there at 25 mph.

On Dec. 21 I left several laminated envelopes at various locations around Juneau. Each contained $20. I hope they were of help to my neighbors and friends who found them. I now invite those who found them to place them for someone else to find with something helpful inside - a positive thought, a favorite recipe, perhaps a couple dollars. We all have times of need and we all have something to give. May we each have and be a neighbor and friend.

The real reason Arrow Refuse supports mandatory names and addresses on garbage cans is so they can monitor those people who are sharing garbage pickup with a neighbor. Arrow Refuse for years has sought to force three-can service on people who need only one can per week.

Why didn't the ad hoc bear advisory committee adopt a monetary fine starting with the first offense and increasing the amount with each additional offense?

It looks like we've gone from the good ol' boy to the good ol' girl network. Mayor Sally Smith has named Arrow Refuse manager Glenn Thompson to the bear advisory committee. And guess what one of the mandates is mandatory garbage pickup. Something here stinks.

It's bad enough that I already pay for hazardous waste pickup even though I don't create any hazardous waste, but if the city and Mark Farmer and company make me pay for garbage pickup that I don't create, I'm going to sue.

I found something to agree with Mark Farmer on. He is absolutely right. The problem is not bears but garbage. I hope he expands his definition of garbage to include the thousands of pounds of rotting chum salmon that have come to litter the shores of Gastineau Channel and every stream entering into the channel. If those artificially created runs of chum did not exist, you can bet most of the bear problems would not exist either. It is wrong to blame bird feeders.

Douglas to Juneau drivers, there's no yield sign or stop sign going from Douglas to Juneau at the bridge.

To the caller who said the writers of the letters about Sealaska should get jobs and not wait on Sealaska: Both educated and self-supported for many years, I am one of the writers of the letters. Those were intelligent observations about unconscionable financial loss.

Your headline was wrong. It should have said: Dowd, 20 years of noisy nuisance in the neighborhood.

No one is complaining about legal immigration to the United States. They are complaining about illegal immigration. The U.S. makes more than ample provision for legal immigration.

Changing the times of school isn't going to help any with the morning traffic over by Floyd Dryden. There should be an overpass there and not a crosswalk. That would reduce the traffic jams.

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