No additional taxes needed

Posted: Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Last Thursday, the Juneau Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors went on record unanimously supporting the Juneau-Douglas School District's schematic plans for the new Valley high school. After years in the planning process, the latest Valley high school design addresses all the essential educational components, public use of the facilities and allows for future enrollment growth at a rate of approximately 2 percent annually.

In 1999, Juneau voters approved a local bond issue to build a new valley high school for $50 million with the local share not to exceed $25 million. With the passage of Education Proposition C on the Nov. 5 statewide ballot, Juneau is eligible to receive at least 60 percent bond reimbursement instead of 50 percent. As a result, this community now has the opportunity to build a complete high school and still not exceed the already approved local match of $25 million. There is no reason to infer the schematic plans the Juneau Chamber of Commerce supports will require any additional property taxes above what local taxpayers approved back in 1999.

Jamie Parsons

Executive Director

Juneau Chamber of Commerce

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