Pledge OK, but not on PA

Posted: Wednesday, January 14, 2004

In the recent debate on the Pledge in schools, one of the main issues is the line "under God." It has been argued that this is a breach of the separation of church and state. Others say that "God" is a non-denominational word, not specifying a certain religion. This is true for all religions that worship one god, but what of the other religions that may have an entire pantheon (Hinduism) or no central god at all (most Buddhist sects)?

But again this brings us back to the fact that every morning a message is broadcast in the school that asks us to pledge allegiance to a nation "under God." I have no problem with any other part of the Pledge and am willing to recite it, but no matter how you put it God implies religion and a religious message has no place on the PA system in a public school.

Joey Bosworth


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