Consider the source: Secondhand smoke kills

Posted: Wednesday, January 14, 2004

With regard to local efforts to protect the public and workers from the known hazards of secondhand smoke, Pete Rogers recently attempted to discredit the science that secondhand smoke is deadly. Had Mr. Rogers checked his sources, he would have discovered that the organization's Web site he promotes is sponsored in part by the tobacco industry and that two of its 19 board members are tobacco industry executives.

The facts are irrefutable - secondhand smoke kills. These facts come from credible sources such as the National Cancer Institute, the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Surgeon General and others organizations dedicated to improving public health. On the other hand, Altria and R.J. Reynolds are makers of the only legal product which, when used as directed, kills. Their only concern is that their own profits decrease each time a new smoke-free workplace law is enacted.

When discerning whether information is credible, it's important to know your source and to choose a credible one dedicated to serving the better health of the public over their own bottom line. I support a smoke-free Juneau and applaud the efforts of the Juneau Clean Air Coalition.

Kattaryna Stiles


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