No snowmobiles

Posted: Friday, January 14, 2005

The glacier is a sacred, quiet and beautiful retreat ... a place to take a relaxing walk after a hard day's work. So after work I drove home, grabbed my dogs and headed for Skater's Cabin to enjoy the last quiet bits of daylight ... and perhaps see a few people skiing on the frozen lake. My therapeutic walk turned into a half hour of choking fumes, buzzing noise and a glaring light in my face. Yes, it was a snowmobile.

During summer, one enjoys the sight of kayaks on the lake, but would be annoyed at motorized skiffs. Doesn't it stand to reason that the sight of a skier on the lake would please the senses, but a raging snowmobile would be an annoyance to both visitors and local wildlife? I say "no" to snowmobiles on Mendenhall Lake.

Georgia Horton


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