Businesses right to promote recycling

Posted: Monday, January 14, 2008

I applaud both the businesses around town that have been selling the reusable shopping bags and the increasing numbers of customers I see using them. Cheers to Fred Meyer as well for going beyond the standard 5 cent rebate and actively encouraging their use with a giveaway offer a few months back. If asked, I've heard they will even pre-weigh your spice jars so you can skip the baggies and ties in the bulk food section.

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I discovered some more good news recently: If you don't have a dog that uses up your supply of orange newspaper bags, not only can the bags be recycled at the town's center, but even better, they can be reused by your carrier. Clean bags can be brought to the Juneau Empire building or you can make arrangements directly with your carrier. (Carriers have to pay for them so I suspect that this would be appreciated.)

I encourage anyone who uses the recycling center: Keep it up. Sort carefully, read the signs and ask questions if you need to so that every load makes it to its destination rather than getting dumped in some Washington landfill due to contamination. (See for more information.) Make every item count.

And if you have no need for your filled recycling punch card? Why not support a good organization and donate it to St. Vincent de Paul or the Salvation Army - they are the kings of re-use. Hopefully there will be fewer fly-by-night "donation" disasters to clean up in light of the recent Empire article and the Salvation Army's camera (gracious, what were those folks thinking? Rained-on stuff is guaranteed trash). But if there are, the punch cards can help.

Sara Caldwell


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