JGC trap shooting results

Posted: Friday, January 14, 2011

On a cold, clear and sunny winter day in Juneau, the local Juneau Gun Club held its monthly registered Pacific International Trap Association shoot with Amateur Trap Association cross registration. The temperature rose from 14 F to 26 F during the match. The sun, although great for morale, caused multiple shadows due to the forest and rock background and foreground. As a result, only the singles event winner, Pete Hudson (98/100) and our doubles winner, Jay Davis (90/100) shot at or near their averages with the remaining shooters generally follow below their average or “normal” scores.

Courtesy of the Juneau Gun Club
Courtesy of the Juneau Gun Club

The results are as follows:

SINGLES (13 participants):

A class: Pete Hudson, winner, (98/100), Jay Davis (90/100) and Hank Masters (88/100).

B class: Mike Gabel, winner via shoot-off, (89/100 and 25/25), Bud Burnett (89/100 and 23/25) and Mal Menzies (86/100).

C class: Dennis Travis, winner, (91/100), Gary Jones (87/100), Roy Martin (85/100), George King (85/100), Dan Miller (84/100), Fred Wilson (82/100) and Fred Bergander (75/100).

DOUBLES (11 participants):

B class: Jay Davis, winner, (90/100), Pete Hudson (77/100) and Hank Masters (70/100).

C class: Mike Gabel, winner (75/100), Bud Burnett (73/100), Mal Menzies (68/100), Fred Wilson (63/100), Dennis Travis (63/100), Gary Jones (50/100), Roy Martin (41/100) and Fred Bergander (46/100).

HIGH OVERALL SHOOTER: Jay Davis (180/200).

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