Delivery issues

Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Do you find wet newspapers in your driveway? How about you or your family driving over it? Or do you wait for the newspaper and it never arrives? These things have happened to me ever since the policy of delivering papers has changed. I think the newspaper distribution system should change back to kids delivering instead of adults driving around and flinging them out their windows.

Lately, adults are getting hired to deliver papers when children quit. Last year I would greet the paperboy or girl, but this year it's different.

This past week, each day our paper was either missing or wet. Even though a plastic bag protects the paper, it sometimes gets so wet that we can't even turn the pages without it ripping. This is very frustrating.

When I surveyed students in my class, eight out of 10 said their newspapers either are wet, missing, or thrown in odd places. Most of them said that this should change.

Once again, I believe that we should ask more kids to deliver newspapers instead of adults driving around and not caring where it lands. Let's change this policy.

Ellie Sica

Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School

Thank you very much for your e-mail. We recently replaced the carrier on your route due to bad performance. I will follow up with your new carrier to ensure you get a dry, readable newspaper. Our conversion to adult motor route carriers has at times been difficult. We have improved customer service in most areas of town and delivery complaints have been dramatically reduced. We also provide Juneau Empire delivery boxes free of charge. We still have 20 youth carriers delivering the Empire everyday and they may keep their routes as long as they provide quality service. Thanks for your concern and thanks for being a loyal reader. - Bob Jacobson, circulation director

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