Thumbs down to all

Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2003

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I read in Sundays paper the "Thumbs Down" to Joe Geldhof and Marc Wheeler for skating on the rink ahead of everyone else. If you are going to give them a thumbs down, how about giving everyone who's skated on the rink a thumbs down instead of singling out a lawyer and an assemblyman who had permission to skate on it and had informed the city manager.

Where was the new rink manager when all this was happening? Is she already letting the rink get out of control? I happen to know of several others who have skated on the rink.

Frankly, I don't understand how you can train anyone to resurface the ice if the ice hasn't been skated on. If I were the ice resurfacing guy, I would look at it and say "it looks fine, nobody's been on it!" Maybe a kid will fall through Twin Lakes and that will get the city to open the rink which apparently is ready to be skated on. Interestingly enough I didn't see any public outrage to those hooligans who skied down Eaglecrest ahead of the opening. Isn't that a city facility too?

Art Hughes


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