Skagway boys, Kake girls undefeated at Don Hather

Juneau JV boys, girls teams both go 1-2 in Skagway hoops tournament

Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2003

The hometown Skagway High School boys basketball team posted a 3-0 record, as did the Kake girls, to finish atop the standings in the 2003 Don Hather Basketball Tournament held Thursday through Sunday at Skagway High School.

The Panthers were the only undefeated boys squad in the six-team field, with Hydaburg and Kake both going 2-1. The Juneau-Douglas junior varsity boys and Haines varsity teams both posted 1-2 records, while Vanier Christian School of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, was winless in its three games.

In the girls bracket, the Thunderbirds went 3-0 and the Skagway and Haines girls were both 2-1. The Juneau JV girls and Hydaburg varsity teams each posted 1-2 records and Porter Creek Secondary School of Whitehorse was 0-3.

No official tournament winners were declared, since the partial round-robin format didn't allow every team a chance to play each of the other teams in the field.

In Thursday's girls games, Kake beat Haines 82-34, the Juneau JV knocked off Hydaburg 61-28 and Skagway topped Porter Creek 41-12. In Friday's girls action, Kake claimed a 76-16 victory over Porter Creek, Haines beat Hydaburg 54-28 and Skagway beat the Juneau JV 55-44. On Saturday, the Hydaburg girls edged Porter Creek 33-30, Kake beat the Juneau JV 69-34 and Haines beat Skagway 48-41.

In boys action on Thursday, Haines edged Kake 62-59, the Juneau JV topped Hydaburg 83-73 and Skagway beat Vanier Christian 74-60. On Friday, the Kake boys beat Vanier 57-35, Hydaburg beat Haines 74-54 and Skagway edged the Juneau JV 60-57. In Saturday's boys games, Hydaburg beat Vanier 60-42, Kake beat the Juneau JV 72-65 and Skagway beat Haines 71-60.

The Kake girls placed three players on the all-tournament team - Danielle Knudsen, who scored at least 40 points in each of her three games for a total of 128 points, RoseAnn Jackson and Stacy Earnest. Also on the girls all-tournament team were Destiny Bell of Hydaburg, Lori Sele of Haines, Savannah Ames of Skagway (who also had a game with 40 points), Crystal Ketterman of Skagway and Jordan Johnston of the Juneau JV.

The boys all-tournament team featured Jarrett Brown of Skagway, Vinny Edenshaw and Darren Edenshaw of Hydaburg, Josh Monagle and Kyle Huntsman of the Juneau JV, Chad Stigen of Haines, Jordan Brown of Vanier Christian and Shane Padgett of Kake.

In the skills contests, Darren Edenshaw of Hydaburg and Colleen Ketterman of Skagway won the boys and girls free-throw shooting contest, respectively, while Jordan Brown of Vanier Christian and RoseAnn Jackson of Kake won the boys and girls 3-point shooting competitions.

Tim Kaloostian scored 15 points, Matt Blood added 12 and Chad Stigen scored 10 as the Haines boys beat Kake on Thursday. Shane Padgett led Kake with 16 points, Kyle Anderson added 13 and Cyrus Mills scored 12. Danielle Knudsen scored 46 points and RoseAnn Jackson added 10 as the Kake girls beat Haines on Thursday. Lori Sele led Haines with 13 points and Keely Falcon added nine.

Josh Monagle scored 23 points and Kyle Huntsman added 21 as the Juneau JV boys topped Hydaburg on Thursday, with Larry Cooper chipping in 11 points and Thomas Derbesy 10 for the Crimson Bears. Vinny Edenshaw scored 34 points and Darren Edenshaw added 30 for Hydaburg, which played without George Peratrovich because of a one-game suspension. In the girls game, Jordan Johnston led the Juneau JV with 14 points while Jordan Harvey and Lexi Garvey both scored 12 against Hydaburg. Destiny Bell led Hydaburg with 24 points.

In the Skagway boys' victory over Vanier Christian on Thursday, Jarrett Brown scored 26 points and Jerod Moore added 16 for the Panthers, while Jordan Brown led Vanier with 28 points, Mitch Anderson had 14 and Andrew Craigen scored 13. Savannah Ames scored 19 points to lead the Skagway girls against Porter Creek, which was led by six points from Chisholm Ikeji.

On Friday, Shane Padgett scored 18 points, Joshua Jackson added 17 and Kyle Anderson scored 11 as Kake beat Vanier Christian, which was led by 11 points from Andrew Craigen. Danielle Knudsen scored 42 points to lead the Kake girls over Porter Creek, while Stacy Earnest added 13 points and RoseAnn Jackson scored 10 for the Thunderbirds. Megan Brady's five points led Porter Creek.

The Hydaburg boys beat Haines on Friday as Darren Edenshaw scored 25 points, George Peratrovich added 22 and Vinny Edenshaw scored 18 for the Warriors. Chad Stigen scored 16 points to lead the Glacier Bears. In the girls game, Keely Falcon scored 17 points, Ivanca Jones added 13 and the duo of Lori Sele and Drew Fossman scored 10 points each to lead Haines. Marita Jolson scored 14 points to lead Hydaburg.

In Skagway's victory over the Juneau JV boys on Friday, Jarrett Brown scored nine of his 32 points in the fourth quarter as the Panthers held off a late rally by the Juneau JV. Josh Monagle led the Crimson Bears with 19 points, Kyle Huntsman scored eight of his 17 points in the fourth quarter, Thomas Derbesy added 11 points and Tres saldivar scored 10 for the Juneau JV. In the girls game, Savannah Ames scored 40 points to lead Skagway over the Juneau JV, which was led by Jillian Hahnlen's 10 points.

On Saturday, Darren Edenshaw scored 28 points and George Peratrovich added 12 as the Hydaburg boys beat Vanier Christian. Jordan Brown scored 18 points and Mitch Anderson added 14 to lead the Crusaders. In the girls game, Destiny Bell, who was held to two points on Friday, scored 28 of Hydaburg's 33 points against Porter Creek, which was led by Janna Tart's 12 points.

Shane Padgett scored 35 points and Kyle Anderson added 16 as the Kake boys beat the Juneau JV team on Saturday, which was led by 19 points each from Thomas Derbesy and Josh Monagle and 12 points from Kyle Huntsman. Danielle Knudsen scored 40 points, including a 10-for-10 performance from the free-throw line, and Stacy Earnest added 10 points as the Kake girls beat the Juneau JV team. Jordan Harvey scored 12 points to lead the Crimson Bears.

The Skagway boys completed an undefeated tournament with a victory over Haines on Saturday as Kyle Fairbanks scored 22 points, Jarrett Brown added 15 and Jerod Moore scored 12 to lead the Panthers. Chad Stigen scored 15 points to lead Haines, while Tyrel Horton added 13 points and the duo of Matt Blood and Tim Kaloostian scored 11 each. In the girls game, Keely Falcon scored 14 points, Drew Fossman added 12 and Ivanca Jones scored 10 as Haines beat Skagway, keeping the Panther girls from going unbeaten in the tourney. Savannah Ames scored 26 points for Skagway.

Bristol Bay boys, girls sweep titles in Yakutat tourney

The Bristol Bay Angels claimed the boys and girls championships last weekend at the Mount St. Elias Classic at Yakutat High School.

In the girls half of the tournament, Bristol Bay posted a 3-0 record, Yakutat took second place with a 2-1 mark, Nikolaevsk was third at 1-2 and Anderson fourth with an 0-3 record. The boys tournament saw Bristol Bay go 3-0, Nikolaevsk 2-1, Yakutat 1-2 and Anderson 0-3. Nikolaevsk, a school for Old Believer Russian students on the Kenai Peninsula, won the tournament's sportsmanship award.

In Thursday's girls games, Bristol Bay beat Nikolaevsk 63-55 and Yakutat knocked off Anderson 64-24. On Friday, the Bristol Bay girls beat Anderson 61-12 and Yakutat beat Nikolaevsk 37-24. On Saturday, the Nikolaevsk girls beat Anderson 56-35 and Bristol Bay beat Yakutat 69-22.

Coral Stephenson of Bristol Bay won the girls MVP award. She was joined on the all-tournament team by Danica Wilson and Joyce Angason of Bristol Bay, Samantha Johnson and Breana Sharp of Yakutat and Lekonida Yakunin of Nikolaevsk.

In Thursday's boys games, the Bristol Bay boys beat Nikolaevsk 72-27 and Yakutat topped Anderson 68-45. On Friday, Bristol Bay beat Anderson 77-45 and Nikolaevsk edged Yakutat 50-48. On Saturday, Nikolaevsk beat Anderson 77-37 and Bristol Bay beat Yakutat 61-48.

Allen Tibbetts of Bristol Bay was the boys MVP award winner. He was joined on the all-tournament team by Corey Lind of Bristol Bay, Peter Tipikin and Stepan Nikitenko of Nikolaevsk, Bailey Johnson of Yakutat and James Jenkins of Anderson.

In Bristol Bay's girls victory over Nikolaevsk on Thursday, Joyce Angason scored 14 points to lead the Angels while Lynsey Groat added 12 points, Callie Riddle had 11 and Tiffany Edwards scored 10 as Bristol Bay had seven of its eight players score at least eight points. Olivia Tipikin scored nine points to lead Nikolaevsk. Allen Tibbetts led the Bristol Bay boys with 24 points, Corey Lind added 14 and Karl Anderson had 10 for the Angels. Stepan Nikitenko led Nikolaevsk with 27 points, Peter Tipikin scored 18 and Anecta Kalugin added 10.

Bailey Johnson scored 27 points to lead the Yakutat boys over Anderson on Thursday, while Brandon Johnson added 13 points for the Eagles. Tyrel Dabney scored 15 points to lead Anderson, with James Jenkins scoring 14 and Eric Nelson 12. In the girls game, Samantha Johnson scored 22 points and Breana Sharp added 12 for Yakutat, while Tahila Tremblay led Anderson with 10 points.

On Friday, Danica Wilson scored 12 points while Coral Stephenson and Joyce Angason added 10 each as Bristol Bay beat Anderson, which had no player score more than three points (all of Bristol Bay's scored at least four points). Corey Lind scored 23 points, Bruce Kihle added 15, Karl Anderson scored 12 and Allen Tibbetts chipped in 11 as the Bristol Bay boys beat Anderson. James Jenkins scored 21 points to lead Anderson.

The Nikolaevsk boys made just one field goal in the fourth quarter, but still managed to hold off a late rally by host Yakutat on Friday. Stepan Nikitenko scored 17 points and Peter Tipikin added 15 to lead Nikolaevsk, while Bailey Johnson led Yakutat with 21 points and Mike Mills added 12. In the girls game, Breana Sharp scored 12 points and Hannah Eshenshade added nine points to lead Yakutat over Nikolaevsk, which was led by eight points from Lekonida Yakunin.

On Saturday, Sonia Reitov scored 20 points and Nikki Malkomikov added 10 as the Nikolaevsk girls beat Anderson, which was led by 12 points from Tammy Morris. Stepan Nikitenko scored 29 points, Anecta Kalugin added 14 and Peter Tipikin scored 11 as the Nikolaevsk boys beat Anderson, which was led by Eric Nelson's nine points.

The Bristol Bay girls claimed the title Saturday with a victory over Yakutat as Coral Stephenson scored 14 points, Danica Wilson and Lynsey Groat added 11 each and the duo of Joyce Angason and Callie Riddle scored 10 points apiece. Hannah Eshenshade scored 12 points to lead Yakutat, which played without all-tourney team member Samantha Johnson. Allen Tibbetts scored 19 points, Graham Morrison added 16 and Corey Lind chipped in 13 for the Bristol Bay boys, while Bailey Johnson scored 22 points and Mike Mills had 14 to lead Yakutat.

Klawock boys, Angoon girls claim titles in Angoon tourney

The Klawock boys posted a perfect 3-0 record to claim the title in the Angoon Invitational tournament last weekend, while the host Angoon girls needed to go to point-differential tie-breaker to break a three-way tie for the crown in its half of the tournament.

The Klawock boys claimed the title with a 53-41 victory over the Sitka JV, a 71-45 victory over Hoonah and a 61-27 victory over Angoon. In other boys games, Hoonah took second place with a 48-41 victory over the Sitka JV and a 43-42 victory over Angoon. The Sitka JV claimed third with a 34-19 victory over Angoon, which was winless in the tourney and took fourth place.

In the girls tournament, Klawock, Angoon and Hoonah each posted a 2-1 record, with the Sitka JV going winless. Angoon beat the Sitka JV 35-27 and Hoonah 44-32, but lost 60-55 to Klawock in the tourney's final game. Klawock also beat the Sitka JV 35-27, but lost to Hoonah 43-31. Hoonah beat the Sitka JV girls 17-8.

Before the tournament, the Angoon girls edged Hoonah 40-35 on Wednesday and beat Hoonah again on Thursday (no score was available). The Hoonah boys beat Angoon on Thursday in a non-tournament game, but no score was available.

No all-tournament teams were selected, but an all-good sport team was picked but the names weren't available.

In Wednesday's girls game, Carmen Estrada scored 17 points and Chenara Kookesh added 10 for Angoon, while Branda Skaflestad scored 18 points to lead Hoonah. No details were available for Thursday's boys and girls games.

When the tournament opened on Friday, Branda Skaflestad scored eight points and Amy Wright had seven as the Hoonah girls beat the Sitka JV, which was led by Morley Gordon's four points. Dustin Bowen led the Hoonah boys with 19 points, while Sean Kveum added 12 as the Braves beat the Sitka JV, which was led by 13 points from Manfred Bekeris and 10 from Mark Manuel.

The Klawock girls beat the Sitka JV on Friday as Natalie Wangerin scored 14 points for the Chieftains and Cameo Padilla led the Wolves with nine points. David Ryno scored 20 points and Curtis Demmert added 10 as the Klawock boys beat the Sitka JV, which was led by 13 points from Manfred Bekeris.

Amber Jamestown scored 25 points to lead the Angoon girls over Hoonah on Friday, while Amy Wright scored 18 to lead the Braves. In the boys game, Hoonah was led by Dustin Bowen's 15 points as the Braves held off a late rally by Angoon, which hit five 3-pointers in the fourth quarter. Loren Sands scored 19 points to lead Angoon, J.P. Silva had 12 and Chris Kookesh added 11 for the Eagles.

In Friday's finale, Shawn Kato-Yates scored 36 points and David Ryno added 10 as the Klawock boys beat Hoonah in an endowment game. Dustin Bowen led Hoonah with 17 points and Sean Kveum added 16.

On Saturday, the Angoon girls beat the Sitka JV as Amber Jamestown and Carmen Estrada scored 11 points each. Cameo Padilla led the Sitka JV with 12 points. The Sitka JV boys beat Angoon as Manfred Bekeris scored 18 points. J.P. Silva scored 16 points for Angoon.

The Hoonah girls beat Klawock on Saturday as Amy Wright scored 17 points and Lindsey Yandell added 10 for the Braves. Natalie Wangerin scored 10 points to lead Klawock.

The Klawock boys claimed the tournament title with a victory over Angoon on Saturday as David Ryno scored 22 points, Shawn Kato-Yates had 12 and Harry Jackson Jr. scored 10 points for the Chieftains. Chris Kookesh scored 20 points to lead Angoon. The Klawock girls edged Angoon in the tournament finale, but didn't win by enough points to swing the tie-breaker to the Chieftains. Kayleigh Ryno scored 21 points, Natalie Wangerin had 19 and Erin Anderson scored 10 points to lead Klawock, while Amber Jamestown scored 20 points and Carmen Estrada added 14 for Angoon.

Ketchikan girls go 4-0 in Prince Rupert

The Ketchikan girls team improved to 9-0 on the season after winning four games last week in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The Kings swept two games each from Charles Hays Secondary School and Prince Rupert Secondary School, which are both based in Prince Rupert.

The Kings opened with an 84-45 victory over Prince Rupert as Anne Elliott scored 26 points, Ashley Hayward scored 23 and Raquel Pahang added 16 for Ketchikan. Jaclyn Flaten scored nine points and Nicole Boileau added eight to lead the Rainmakers.

Ketchikan beat Charles Hays 77-29 as Hayward scored 21 points, Whitney Hofstedt added 15, Pahang scored 13 and Larissa Otness added 11 points. Neely Humperville and Dana Houkestap scored 13 points each to lead Charles Hays.

In the rematch, Ketchikan beat Charles Hays 51-38 as Anne Elliott scored 31 points. Julia Crawford led Charles Hays with 11 points.

Ketchikan closed out the trip with a 63-52 victory over Prince Rupert. Hayward led Ketchikan with 19 points, Elliott added 18 and Katie Geldaker scored 10 for the Kings. Flaten scored 11 points and Alicia Borsoi added nine for the Rainmakers.

Metlakatla boys top Petersburg

Chris Bryant scored 27 points to lead the Metlakatla boys over Petersburg 69-60 on Friday in Metlakatla. The teams were supposed to play again on Saturday, but Petersburg left early after a car wreck in Petersburg on Friday night claimed the lives of two young Petersburg residents.

Beau Hayward scored 20 points and Shane Martinez added 14 points for the Chiefs, while Aaron Severson scored 20 points and grabbed 11 rebounds to lead Petersburg. Kyle Skinner added 16 points and Brian Richards chipped in 11 for the Vikings.

Petersburg girls beat Metlakatla

Kayleigh Short led four Petersburg girls in double-figure scoring as the Vikings beat Metlakatla 71-43 Friday in Petersburg. Saturday's rematch was canceled when two young Petersburg residents were killed in a car wreck while driving home from Friday's game.

Tessa Bergmann scored 14 points for Petersburg, while Britni Birchell added 11 and Krista Birchell scored 10 for the Vikings. Latonya Galles scored 21 points to lead Metlakatla, while Kristy Didricksen had 11 for the Misschiefs.

Craig girls sweep Wrangell

Heather Douville scored 15 points and Jerian Kampnich added 13 points as the Craig girls beat Wrangell 48-39 on Friday in Wrangell. On Saturday, Douville scored 19 points and Kampnich added 12 as Craig completed the sweep with a 46-27 victory.

Wrangell was led by Laura McCay's 22 points on Friday and 12 points on Saturday.

Craig boys sweep Wrangell

Ryan Jones scored 23 points, Raymond Douville had 18 and Fred Hamilton scored 16 on Friday as the Craig boys knocked off Wrangell 86-60 in Craig. On Saturday, Douville scored 20 points, Fred Hamilton had 19, Eric Hamilton scored 17 and Jones added 10 as the Panthers completed the sweep with an 84-72 victory.

Wrangell was led in Friday's game by 21 points from Tony Marriott. On Saturday, Woody Woodworth scored 25 points, Marriott added 20 and Mike Villarma scored 14 for the Wolves.

Sitka swept by Barrow and Petersburg

The Sitka boys and girls basketball teams both lost two games in Barrow last weekend, and one weekend earlier both teams lost at Petersburg. The Sitka boys lost to Barrow 60-48 and 51-39, while the Sitka girls lost to the Whalers 48-25 and 38-33. No details were available about the games in Barrow.

On Jan. 3, the Petersburg girls claimed a 48-28 victory over Sitka as Britni Birchell scored 14 points and Kayleigh Short added 11. Kim Dodson scored 11 points and Sidney Wyman added eight for Sitka. The Petersburg girls claimed a 46-26 victory on Jan. 4 as Birchell scored 16 points and Short added 11 for the Vikings. Miranda Whitson scored eight points and Dodson added seven for the Wolves.

In boys action on Jan. 3, Aaron Severson scored 19 points and Jeb Phillips added 15 as the Petersburg boys claimed a 54-50 victory over Sitka, which was led by Karl Stedman's 17 points and 10 from Cody Campbell. On Jan. 4, Severson and Jon Randrup both scored 13 points and Sam Jensen added nine as Petersburg beat Sitka 70-40. Campbell scored eight points to lead the Wolves.

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