On the ski trail with pets

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2004

To add to Mr. Hall's comments (on ski trail behavior): skate skiiers, please let walkers know you are behind them so they can get their dogs and themselves out of the way. It is impossible to hear you. Some dog walkers use the campground year-round; others use it only when it is closed from Sept. 15 till May 15. There are two new bag disposal sites on the campgrounds this year along with bags. Thank you to whoever is responsible for installing them. They are located at the entrance to the campgrounds and near Skater's Cabin. The small garbage can is also still there near the camp registration area. Folks who ski with their dogs also please stop and pick up after your dog. The dog walkers/walkers like a clean area also.

Jill Grose


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