Don't shoot the horse that's left the barn

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2004

Let's stop second-guessing the new high school. As a community we made a decision three years ago - now that the project has some momentum is not the time to derail it. Let's continue with the commitment we've made to our kids, fund education at the appropriate level and reduce our teacher-to-student ratio, which is the only number that really matters. Let's also do the right thing and provide two full-service high schools with two sports teams. Two sports teams may result in a little more fund raising, but it will allow more of our children to participate at the high school level. We may even find our travel expenses reduced - instead of expensive Anchorage and Mat-Su valley trips we can have better local and Southeast rivalries, and parity which will be much more meaningful and cost-effective.

At the worst case we'll have provided for future growth, which is something that arguably most pro-road advocates believe and want. If the pessimists had their way we wouldn't have Eaglecrest, the Treadwell Arena, a much-need police station or our expanded marinas. Let's do the right thing now and not let them delay or stop something much more important! Let's not throw away our current and vanishing opportunity to get 70 percent of the new school funded by 550,000 folks instead of 30,000.

Brian Goettler


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