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Posted: Monday, January 15, 2007

Sealaska's shareholders have certainly been witness to a number of flyers, newsletters and online articles regarding the descendant's vote. Yet in the December 2006 newsletter, Sealaska indicates that our shareholders will now receive an "educational DVD" regarding the vote. It begs the question, was there something missing from the flyers, the newsletters and the online articles that have already been shared with us?

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Further, if even a small percentage of shareholders do not have a DVD player or a compatible computer, are they not being disadvantaged by the distribution of this DVD?

Would Sealaska's management please provide shareholders with an accurate dollar amount that this resolution has so far cost our corporation? Specifically, but not limited to the flyers, educational DVDs, related postage/shipping costs, pens, bookbags, spiral bound notebooks, the cost of Sealaska management/staff travel (in support of this resolution) including first, business and coach class airfare (and if premium seats were used, a justification for the premium seats), lodging (please indicate if premium lodging or suites were used and why?), meals, rental cars, incidental expenses (such as ballroom costs, shareholder lunches or dinners, fee-free shareholder parking, etc.) and the resolution-related salary hours of our board of directors, senior staff and their assistants while in support travel for this resolution?

To appease the anxiety of those of us who wonder why there appears to be a significant interest by Sealaska's management for passage of this resolution, will our entire board of directors go on written record to assure Sealaska shareholders that our directors do not have a vested interest in the passage of this resolution? Specifically, if anyone on our board believes that, or has knowledge that passage of this resolution will at any time affect or diminish the voting power of Sealaska shareholders to elect or re-elect our board members?

Although I cannot speak for every shareholder, I am certainly not interested in the passage of any resolution that may empower a board member to serve a lifetime appointment without fear of recall for failing Sealaska or its shareholders.

Michael H. Nelson

Oakton, Va.

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