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Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I just came from the (Jan. 7) site meeting at Mendenhall River Community School. The bottom line is finding the Montessori learning community a home that will not disrupt the learning community of its host school.

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The Montessori program deserves a home. What was derived from the meeting is that Mendenhall River does not have the space required to house both its own learning community and the Montessori community comfortably without displacing part of the community already housed there.

The Montessori program is an asset to the community. It gives the public school children another option in learning style. This is not about them or us. This is about finding them a facility that will not hinder another learning community but enhance one. With the difference in philosophies, however, it makes more sense to give them their own facility and not continue to deem them homeless. This is clearly about the displacement of all our community children, which affects all our learning communities.

Is it equitable to displace students and staff from Mendenhall River who have been training in the Launching Literacy program for the past three years? Let's all brain-storm a positive solution that embraces all our learning programs. Is the Bright Beginnings building still vacant? Just a thought.

The School District Facilities Committee is scheduled to meet from noon to 1:30 p.m. today at the Juneau Fire Hall, downtown by the Federal Building back entrance. So pack a lunch and share your constructive positive ideas and valid concerns.

Genevieve McLaughlin


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