Reform needed

Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Thank you for your two articles in Monday's paper dealing with politicians.

One article spoke of our illustrious and much bally-hooed president, George Bush Jr., having received nearly $1 million in campaign contributions from the Enron, the corporation who apparently with full knowledge and malice aforethought managed to cheat countless stockholders out of millions. Enron's own employees were forced to lose their retirement investments while the corporate bosses bailed out with millions of dollars in gains.

Alaska's esteemed Rep. Don Young was mentioned in another article as having missed more votes on the floor of the House except for one other representative - who happened to at least have had a reasonable excuse. Our state's resident reactionary thereby showed his contempt for the people of Alaska and our great country. He is also cheating the taxpayer out of a considerable portion of his salary and expenses.

Both articles spoke volumes of the dire need in our country for campaign finance reform and for term limits for the arrogant incumbents like the Honorable? Mr. Don Young.

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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