The torch's route through Juneau has 3 segments

Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2002

When the Olympic Torch Relay comes to Juneau on Thursday, Jan. 24, the torch will wind its way through three sections of town - the Mendenhall Valley, Lemon Creek and downtown Juneau.

This will be the first time the Olympic Torch Relay has come to Alaska.

The 3-pound torch will be carried through part of the Mendenhall Valley, Lemon Creek and downtown Juneau before it arrives at Centennial Hall about 11 a.m. for a celebration. In between the three sections of town, the flame from the torch will be transferred to a miner's lantern, which will be driven to the next segment of the course. Part of the course includes a short canoe trip in the downtown area. Course maps are on Page 1 of this special section.

The torch will leave the Juneau Airport at 8:30 a.m., and will follow Shell Simmons to Glacier Highway, where the torchbearers will take a right and run to the Egan Drive intersection. After turning left on Egan, the torchbearers will take a right on Mendenhall Loop Road. The torch will then travel along Nancy Street, Tongass Boulevard, Haloff Way, across Mendenhall Loop Road to Riverside Drive, then Vintage Drive and Egan Drive until it arrives at the Brotherhood Bridge parking lot.


After being transferred to a miner's lantern, the torch will be taken to Capital Chevrolet, which is one of the torch relay's main local sponsors. In the Lemon Creek area, the torch will be carried down Glacier Highway so it passes in front of the Juneau Pioneers' Home and travels alongside Twin Lakes until the torch reaches the Salmon Creek Medical Center, where the flame will be transferred back to a miner's lantern.

The downtown segment will start at another portion of Glacier Highway, near where it becomes Glacier Avenue. The downtown route will pass in front of Juneau-Douglas High School, the Augustus G. Brown Swimming Pool, Harborview Elementary School, and then take a left on 12th Street.

The torch will crest the hill before turning on Seventh Street. It will then go past the Governor's Mansion and will follow the Ninth Street hill back to Glacier Avenue, Willoughby Avenue and Whittier Street. From Whittier, the torch will follow Egan Drive to the Goldbelt Dock, where a Tlingit canoe with 12 paddlers in full regalia will be waiting. The canoe will carry the flame to the intermediate vessel float dock on South Franklin. The torch will be taken up South Franklin to Fourth Street by the state Capitol, down Main Street to Egan Drive and into the ballroom entrance of Centennial Hall for the city's celebration.

Centennial Hall will open at 10 a.m., and the celebration will continue until noon. There will be a variety of activities, food, displays and a chance to meet the torchbearers. Juneau residents are encouraged to line the streets during the relay and support the torchbearers during the torch's visit to Juneau.

For more information, contact the Juneau Department of Parks and Recreation, 586-5226.

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