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Posted: Friday, January 16, 2004

On Nov. 25, as part of their United Way Share Campaign, the Department of Administration held a dessert auction in the commissioner's conference room with all proceeds benefiting the Glory Hole. I would like to thank all the people involved.

Cindy Schlaffman graciously donated her talents as auctioneer and did a great job describing the desserts in such a scrumptious way that the buyers salivated with their wallets as well as their mouths. Huge thanks go to Nancy Norton; I had an unforeseen work project pop up, so Nancy grabbed the reins and did the bulk of the organizing work. Thanks also to Marti Nashoanak for all she did, Linda Coate for posters and Lora Mallinger, who did Bob Barker proud by her presentation of the desserts around the room to the potential bidders.

Thanks next go to all of the good folks who graciously donated their baked delights: Thanks to Vicki Bender, Scott Jordan, Pam Couzin, Sue Bushnell, Bernadette Blanenship, Michelle Vuille, Bucky Lingle, Claudette Kreuzenstein, Nancy Norton, Betty Johnson, Brenda Menge, Rowena Frawley, Nicki Germain, Kaylee Fowler, Tom Locher, Bell Hesson, Adrienne Snow, Dolores Larson, Laurie Larson, Steven Larson (mom, sister and son), Benthe Mertl-Posthumus, Nancy Sutch, Kent Durand, Mila Cosgrove, Lisa Pusich, Suzanne Stoll, Brook Larson, Mark Minthorn, Mike Rader, Ed Williams, Connie Jeffers, Stan Herrara and the ITG/ETS Ops staff who donated several items. Thanks also to Glory Hole director, Jetta Whittaker, who came, but time didn't allow her to say a few words. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to the good people who bought the dessert delights. Those include: Eric Swanson, Vicki Bender, Nicki Germain, Suzanne Stoll, Tracy Sisterman, Tammy Ignell, Missouri Smyth, Connie Jeffers, Erin King, Tom Locher, Dawn Miller, Kim Garnero, Terry Hotchkiss, Debbie Knutson, Sally Ryan, Brook Larson, Kent Durand, Nancy Norton, Christine Herrara, Bob Mitchell, Susan Taylor, Dianne Kiesel, Pam Couzin, Wendy Vuille, Larry Talley, Claudette Kreuzenstein, Dave Blaisdell, Susan Bosarge, Adrienne Snow, Marti Nashoanak, Stan Herrara, Susan Hotchkiss, Lisa Pusich and Don Shattuck. I hope I have not left anyone out. My apologies if I omitted you. The entire hour was fruitful and really a lot of fun! When all was said and done, everyone had a good time and we raised $1,215.50 for the Glory Hole. My most hearfelt thanks to everyone involved!

Charley Larson

Share Campaign keyworker

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