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Posted: Sunday, January 16, 2005

I applaud Fairbanks North Star Mayor Jim Whitaker for his proposal for a gasline route from the North Slope to Valdez and Southcentral Alaska. Mr. Whitaker and the Alaska Gasline Port Authority are right on track. This is the only route that should be considered in my opinion.

The U.S. and Alaska both have prostituted themselves to other countries, states and special interest groups for years (the North American Free Trade Agreement, for one) in our giving away of jobs, natural resources, etc. It's time to change that scenario.

It's our gas. Alaskans should be able to determine the fate of Alaska's gas, not the oil companies, contractors or Canadians. The need for gas will be there, as we saw from the crude oil prices this past year. If the need is there, the market will be there.

Another reason this plan makes sense is that political situations in this day and age are such that we can never rely on them being stable and the U.S. should not rely or trust any country to any depth. Look at how France and Germany stabbed us in the back for their own agenda. The U.S. has been a "nice guy" for too long - let's start looking out for ourselves.

I urge the building trades, large and small businesses, and all other citizens of Alaska to support this plan.

We've already built Canada a road, let's not build them a gas line also.

Floyd Brooks

Nenana, Alaska

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