Juneau resident seeks hot corn dip recipe and another shares humpy jalapeno dip

Posted: Friday, January 16, 2009

It's that time again. We're looking for "Super Bowl-Kick Off" and "Valentine's Day" favorites. Do you have a recipe you would like to share? Auntie Emo is where we match and share recipes. Send in your requests and share a favorite recipe with our readers.


"Auntie Emo: Last year one of your readers submitted a recipe for a 'Hot Corn Dip.' It was spicy and delicious! I have misplaced that recipe. If you or one of your readers has this recipe, I'd sure appreciate it."

Thanks, F.B., of Juneau.


S.H., of Ketchikan, responded to J.G.'s, of Ketchikan, request for homemade eggnog. S.H. says this is a wonderful and easy recipe: "The eggnog always disappears fast."

Thanks, S.H., for your response. Keep them coming.


12 eggs 5 cups whipping cream 2 cups half and half 1 cup milk 1 2-pound bag powdered sugar

Beat whipping cream until thick, set aside. Beat eggs until frothy, then gradually add milk and half and half, then the powdered sugar. Mix well. Fold the whipped cream into the egg mixture carefully. Keep well chilled, serve with nutmeg and/or holiday spirits!


B.S., of Juneau, e-mails: "After last spring's power failure, so many of our friends are expecting! Here's a fun treat to bring to a baby shower. It looks darling in a teddy bear or duckie mold."

This is too cute, B.S. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Keep them coming!

Pink and Blue Salmon Loaf Surprise

8-ounce cream cheese 1 large can pink salmon Garlic salt to taste White pepper to taste 1 small package Berry Blue Jell-O 1 cup hot water 1 cup mayonnaise or Miracle Whip

Mix the salmon, cream cheese and spices and press into a greased mold. Chill at least an hour. Dissolve the Jell-O in the hot water, fold in the mayo, and pour onto the chilled salmon. Chill 4 hours. Garnish appropriately and serve with Ritz crackers.


L.D., of Juneau, writes via e-mail: "When my boyfriend and his buddies come over to watch the Super Bowl, I make sure they have a warm and hearty addition to the chips and beer."

Thanks, L.D., for sharing your "game plan" dip. Keep those recipes coming.

He-Man Humpy and Jalapeno Dip

1 pound Velveeta 1 can sliced jalapenos 1 can pink salmon 1 can creamed corn 1 tablespoon chili powder

Heat all ingredients together in a crock-pot. Sprinkle crumbled bacon on top. Serve warm with dipping-size Fritos.

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