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Posted: Wednesday, January 17, 2001

... for Christmas gifts

Thank you to all the members of the Juneau-Gastineau Rotary Club. For the past 10 years the Juneau-Gastineau Rotary Club has provided a beautiful Christmas tree and a special gift for each individual who lives at the Juneau Pioneers' Home. Each December we look forward to the day the tree is delivered; members of the Rotary Club, along with Santa, come to sing holiday songs and place gifts under the tree. After the holiday meal, the gifts under the tree are opened on Christmas Day. This generous donation makes each of at the Juneau Pioneers' Home aware of how Alaska is a very special place to live, especially for seniors.

Residents, family members and staff of the Juneau Pioneers' Home

... for holiday party

The Juneau Pioneers' Home would like to say thank you. The Loyal Order of the Moose Club hosted the Juneau Pioneers' Home holiday party. This annual event was held on Dec. 14. The Loyal Order of the Moose made it possible for the people who live at the JPH, family members, friends, volunteers, staff and staff families to come together to celebrate this special holiday. Their contributions of food, food preparation, serving of food and then cleanup was a wonderful holiday gift. A wonderful time was had by all, thanks to the Moose Club.

... for tree sale

At Hospice and Home Care of Juneau we have a lot to be thankful for. An anonymous supporter held a Christmas tree sale downtown, with the gross proceeds going to Hospice. We would like to acknowledge several groups and individuals who helped to make this generous fundraiser possible. We deeply appreciate and wish to extend our thanks to: students Billy Peters and Johan Hinchman for cutting Christmas trees; Howard Diamond, principal of the Hoonah City School District for support and help; the Huna Totem Corp. for allowing trees to be cut on their land; U.S. Forest Service personnel for their helpful courtesy in securing permits; Mark Tongue at Reliable Transfer, who donated trucking the trees from Hoonah to Juneau; and HHCJ volunteer Don Cary for helping sell trees. And lastly, thank you, our anonymous supporters for your vision and hard work. We are touched by your kindness.

Julie Mae Pigott,

HHCJ Volunteer Coordinator

... for MADD help

The Juneau MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Chapter thanks its community for the strong support and heartfelt letters and telephone calls. We wish to bring special recognition to those who stepped up to the plate when we needed help: to Gird Krause and the Baranof Hotel for hosting our first luncheon, to Ted Quinn and his staff at Capitol Office Supply for literally creating our office space. To the three Rotary Clubs and the Chamber of Commerce for their financial support and for allowing me to speak at their luncheons. The Juneau Racquet Club, Alaska Airlines, Costco and Foodland A&P have also helped with healthy donations. Thank you.

Cindy Cashen

Juneau MADD Chapter

... for Holiday Cup

Annually during the Christmas Break, the Law Firm of Dillon and Findley host a Soccer Tournament called the "Holiday Cup." This is the eighth year this tournament has taken place. Over 300 participants from ages 9-21 participated in this year's event. Its round robin format guarantees that every participant will play at least four and up to seven games. This year there were 27 teams in four different divisions; over 75 games were played in a nine-day period. Referees were supplied for each game.

This tournament has become an annual holiday event that continues to enable the youth in Juneau, their parents and families to have something to look forward to during the holiday break. Everyone who participates benefits from the experience. The Holiday Cup has grown substantially from its first year, when there were eight teams, to its present size. As the tournament has grown in stature, so has the play of the participants involved. Juneau's commitment to youth in soccer is showcased in this event, yearly the skill of these young athletes continues to improve.

If it weren't for the involvement of a few critical individuals and organizations, this tournament would not take place. Juneau Community Schools annually donates the gym time for this event. The law firm of Dillon and Findley pays for the officials, the gym supervisors, game balls and awards. Paul Dillon of Dillon and Findley is the heart and soul of this annual event. Paul's commitment to soccer and the youth of Juneau is reflected in the last eight years of ongoing success and growth of this tournament. Paul's right hand "woman," Leslie Cottingham, has been assisting Paul for over four years. She breaks down the gym time into game times, schedules the games for each division and tracks the results. Noel Shima has been the "Go to Referee" for the past eight years. Noel schedules referees for all of the games and spends many hours each tournament refereeing.

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in Juneau, and is epitomized by the selfless dedication of those mentioned above. On behalf of the soccer players, the coaches, the parents, the families and the fans that participated in and enjoyed this event, we would like to thank all of the organizations and individuals mentioned above for another great "Holiday Cup." We look forward to next year!

Ray Vidic

... for youth meeting

If a person develops their opinions about teen-agers by reading the newspaper, Word of Mouth, or by listening to the news that seems to focus only on the worst in our society, one gets the impression that teen-agers are on the wrong path, rude and inconsiderate, and that somewhere we have really gone wrong.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with a group of young men, all JDHS students. I came away from this experience realizing that our future is in good hands. These young men were kind, polite, friendly, articulate and communicative, considerate, poised and fun to be around, all the things a parent can only hope and work for.

Thank you Travis Croteau, Karl Twelker, Jeff Fanning, Luke Knowles, Jon Rue, Justin Dorn, Lee Sullivan, Josh Carpenter, Joe Stendahl, Travis Vidic, Philip Dierking, Colin Conerton, Evan Brinkman, Micah Ochej, Axel Thibodeau and Robert Lossett. Not only did you contribute to the success of the Holiday Cup 2000 indoor soccer tournament, you've reconfirmed this woman's faith that all is well. Our future is bright, very bright. And thank you to your parents. Their hard work shows in you.

Leslie Cottingham Houston

Holiday Cup Coordinator


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