Still a role model

Posted: Friday, January 17, 2003

I have known coach Hamey since I was 8 years old. I knew him as a great coach, excellent teacher, positive role model and a friend.

Coach Hamey instilled a positive work ethic in me. Whether it was on the basketball floor, in the classroom, or in my daily life, he taught me to believe that anything could be achieved with hard work. He preached making the most out of every opportunity, self-respect, and other values that I will carry throughout my life. Much of what I have accomplished in my life is do to my willingness to work harder than my peers. I thank coach for pushing me so that I realized that nothing is unattainable.

In my job, I deal very closely with many high school and college baseball coaches. It's not very often when I meet a coach with the demeanor, presence, dignity and passion for their job.

I am very disappointed in the way that coach Hamey's career came to an end. After the 30-plus years of pouring his heart and soul into the Crimson Bear program, one would think the decision to leave the program would be somewhat up to him. He was a great coach and deserved to go out on top. To be made to believe that he would coach the women's team this year, and have the job taken from him in such an underhanded manner, so close to the start of the season, disgusts me. This decision reflects very poorly on the athletic administration and powers that be in Juneau. I am deeply saddened that this occurrence could happen to such a great person who has had a positive impact on so many lives.

I was shocked to hear of coach's actions in response to having his job taken from him. These days it seems that people are unwilling to take personal responsibility for their actions. Some would rather place blame on others or deny any wrongdoing. To his credit, coach has followed his own teachings by holding himself accountable and admitting to a poor decision. One mistake does not make the man. All the good he has done for this community is what we should remember!

Coach Hamey, thanks for everything! You have had a very positive impact on my life!

Tim Kissner

Mountlake Terrace, Wash.

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